2017 Favourites

Replied to 2017 Favorites (The Daily Post)
To celebrate the end of the year, share the most meaningful photo you’ve taken in 2017.
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Every year at Jim Goldsteain invites his readers to his blog project.

… to list the years best photos from my readers and social media followers. I’ve run this blog project every year since 2007 and each year I’ve been blown away by the quality of images and the number of participants. This year I will be collecting participants details via this form. If you’re a new participant you can see past years results.

Here are my favourite images from 2017. I wanted to narrow these down to 10 but … I just couldn’t. All of these images have special significance for me. They are not technically great images but they are the ones with the most emotional impact.

2017 Favourites Entranced By the Northern Impaled Necrowizards Blasphemous Incantation Admist the Agonizing Abomination of the Lusting Necrocorpse NIKON D5100 20171210 1 1600x1060
Bhavna deciding on whether we should start with Entranced By the Northern Impaled Necrowizards Blasphemous Incantation Admist the Agonizing Abomination of the Lusting Necrocorpse or one of the other Troon stouts.
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2017 Favourites Head High NIKON D5100 20171208 1 1600x2416
Mo performing with Outsourced.
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2017 Favourites PJs Pancake House NIKON D5100 20171203 3 1600x1060
Breakfast with Bhavna and Kiran at PJ\’s Pancake House. I love the buckwheat pancakes with a tiny bit of real maple syrup.
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2017 Favourites Kiran NIKON D5100 20170108 1600x1060
Latin Lessons. Kiran loves reading. Here face is almost always burried in a book. This is one of those rare occasion I get to capture here face.
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2017 Favourites iPhone 7 20171116 1600x1200
Brick Farm Market. Kiran and I discovered we both preferred the cheese and deli meat from the market. We would go and pickup our favorites and head home to make sandwiches together.
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2017 Favourites October Morning on Blue Spring Road iPhone 7 20171021 1600x1200
October morning walk on Blue Spring Road. The best camera is the one you have with you. I had my iPhone 7.
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2017 Favourites Raina NIKON D5100 20171001 1600x1060
Bhavna and our niece Raina.
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2017 Favourites September NIKON D5100 20170916 1600x1060
Helping the Buck’s close out one chapter of their lives. Yes, that’s a picnic table.
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2017 Favourites NIKON D5100 20170910 1600x1060
DSLR selfie with Bhavna and Frank Veronsky. Frank is an incredibly gifted and giving photographer.
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2017 Favourites Last night before the Montgomery Township Independence Day Fireworks at the Montgomery High School NIKON D5100 20170629 1600x1067
Montgomery Township Independence Day Fireworks at the Montgomery High School. This was the one before my son went off to college.
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2017 Favourites New Hope and Lamberville iPhone 7 20170602 1600x1067
Looking down from Goat Hill before the Lamberville and New Hope fireworks. I had wanted to shoot from this vantage point for years but was loath to venture out into this area in the dark by myself. The walk us is easy. The walk down in total darkness is not. The opportunity finally arrived via a photography meetup group.
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2017 Favourites Civial War Trust Memorial Day Re enactment at Princeton Battlefield Park NIKON D5100 20170527 1600x1060
Civial War Trust Memorial Day Re-enactment at Princeton Battlefield Park.
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2017 Favourites Jalopy NIKON D5100 20170520 1600x1067
In the spring, I was in the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds with some friends for the Jalopy Showdown. We watched as these cars (and motorbikes) raced aroud the restored fairgrounds and race track dating back to the 1920\’s.
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2017 Favourites Roaring Brook NIKON D5100 20170415 1600x1105
Bhavna posing for me at the Rock Brook. We were spending a lot of time walking along the paths in the Sourland Mountain Preserve, talking and enjoying the outdoors. I used the Brenziner technique to create this image.
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2017 Favourites Khurt black hiresdesktop copy

Husband, father, information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Montgomery Township, Rocky Hill and Princeton Township, New Jersey.

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  1. I am honored to be featured in these excellent pictures. Wishing you were here to film the eagles this morning. They are all over the place.


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