I know of LastPass. They have had several security incidents. Because LastPass is web-based, the passwords vault is exposed to hackers on the Internet. The 1Password vault is stored encrypted on your device and therefore not exposed to the Internet and therefore is at reduced risk of being hacked.

1Password entered the field early (before LastPass and all the others) and has remained out front in terms of features, but the app pricing has always been more expensive than LastPass. 1Password has had no security incidents. Like most people in cyber-security, 1Password is my default recommendation.

I typically don’t buy any software that the whole family can’t use on their devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). When you buy an app in the App Store or Mac App Store, it usually has a five-user license. That’s perfect for our family of four. Upgrade pricing used to be about $50 total split between the iOS and macOS versions. The subscription cost for a family is $65/year. I just hope they use the money to fund frequent updates.