Perhaps New Jersey should have been named New Munich. After all, New York was originally named New Amsterdam. 🤣 FYI:

According to the Rokkor Files website:

In line with Minolta’s practice of labelling products differently in different markets, the lenses were labelled “Rokkor-X” in the North American market, and “Rokkor” throughout the rest of the world. It is noted that apart from this minor cosmetic change there is no difference between the Rokkor and Rokkor-X version of the same lens.a brief history of Minolta lenses

Some websites I discovered claimed that the Japanese companies were convinced Americans associated "X" with high tech and quality. 🤷

I don't have a reason why I chose f/16. At this subject distance (about 20 feet), I could have had the same depth of the field at f/8 and perhaps f/5.6.