Hi Tina,

Facebook has a more nuanced set of emoji responses, including anger, sadness, joy, etc. Perhaps WordPress will implement some of those.

In the Spring of 2020, when things were challenging, hiking in the woods helped relieve my stress and anxiety. At least until all the federal, state and county parks and trails were closed and barricaded. Fortunately, some private trails were still open. Although not as enjoyable, hiking in Winter can be pandemic safe, assuming the roads are safe, the trailhead has been ploughed, and the hiking trails are not iced-over. Assuming that the third snow-storm in three weeks will be the last for a while, I'll venture out once the snow has melted. I sprained a tendon while out hiking last winter while hiking and wore a foot-boot for weeks. By the time it healed, it was March, and I went out winter hiking with a group and sprained it again. What made the trek worthwhile was the camaraderie of the group during the hike and the post-hike craft ale we drank together at the Brick Farm Tavern.

… you’ve at least been out for a cuppa lately

During this pandemic, my wife and I are dining outdoors only (a challenge when the temperature dips below 4ºC). From what we have read, regardless of what the government allows, it is risky to dine indoors for the length of time people typically stay at a restaurant/cafe (60-90 minutes). This is especially true right now, with the new variant of the virus spreading more easily. I brew a carafe of fresh coffee.

I may be reaching the end of my ability to cope on my own. None of my existing coping skills is working. I’ve been trying some of the things mentioned in this article, What to Do When Coping Skills Don’t Work.