Hi Patti, to fend off the "sad season" and get some fresh air, Bhavna and I decided that in 2019 we would find our way outside despite both hating the cold. We joined the REI co-op, bought some base layers, new Patagonia down coats, hiking boots, etc. After three months of staying indoors drinking craft ales, I start to look and feel “round“, especially in my mid-section.

When I choose to go out in the cold, I wear a top and bottom thermal base layer, thermal socks, then a layer on top of that, then a down coat, hat that also covers my ears, hiking boots with a thermal layer, gloves, etc. It's so much work getting dressed and undressed. It also didn't help much with the slipping and sliding and falling. We each injured a foot while on a beginner’s hike with the local REI hiking groupm just a month after I injured myself on another winter hike.

I’ve lived in the USA for over 35 years, and I’ve just never liked winter. The cold, grey skies, leafless trees, etc., is tolerable during normal times, but I think it's just too much while living through the social isolation of a pandemic. The Spring weather can't arrive soon enough.