6 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd”

      1. How cool that dark side was his test album!
        The second memory I have with dark side was year of 2012.
        Sucky year in many ways and well - one of the top silver linings was I signed up to coach youth soccer and did it completely servant minded - wanted to give back and I was finishing up school stuff for an advanced degree so had time
        - turns out - my teen son helped me coach and it became a time for him to shine with coaching skills! Huge outcome -
        But then one week while driving during the dark season- we wanted to see what CDs were in the six CD changer and whoa. There is was. Dark side of the moon - and we listened to and from the whole week - windows down at times cos it was fall - - and we were able to "feel" the music - not much talking on those drives - Pink Floyd schooled us
        And truly was a gift from god

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