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Thoughts on writing

Show up. Be yourself. Write. Put it out there for people to read. Patrick Rhone via Nicola Losito


The single most important skill you can develop is clarity in your communication.

When you decide to put your words down – to get them out of your head – you’re making an effort to take the mess inside and turn it into something neater on the outside. Something people can understand.

This is the skill that every single person out there needs – the need to learn to be more clear in their communication. Writing regularly helps.Chris Lema

That’s why my blog is an “inchoate stream”.

Riccardo Mori » The struggle to overcome what appears as ineffectiveness

Feedback is little. People don’t seem to care (much). My attempts at attracting people’s attention towards this place, my projects and my fiction don’t seem to have long-lasting effects[1]. There’s the occasional spark. The occasional link. The fleeting endorsement. But readers don’t seem to stick, to return.Riccardo Mori

I’m not a writer — at least not in the professional sense — but those words resonated with me. I’ve been writing on this blog for over 10 years. Sometimes the quality of my wiring it good and I get a rush of traffic. But it doesn’t last. Perhaps what I write isn’t interesting or good enough. But … I’m not giving this up. Please click through and read Riccardo’s other post. He’s also on ADN.