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Silicon Valley’s Dystopian Dream

A divide is growing between the people who wholeheartedly embrace a radically new, radically self-centred vision of human life, and the people who do not. The internal lives of the tech elite, centred on the labour-saving innovations of Silicon Valley, are at odds with semi-atavistic conceptions of how people interact. Traditions and shared values are redundant, inefficient, and must be optimised out of existence. via The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful by JR Hennessy writing for the

Staying Creative

Voice. When I feel block beginning to set in (and you can feel it approach; it doesn’t tend to just drop down suddenly), I get up from the desk and grab a voice-recorder, then just brainstorm as I pace around. There’s something magical about just talking aloud. Pause and resume often, and you’ll find that your mind manages to fill in the gaps. Matt Gemmell

Good tips on keeping the creative juices flowing.  I’m in need of that right now in both my photography and my writing.  I’ve also noticed that I get a lot of ideas when I’m not sitting at the computer.  My most creative thought time is when I’m in the shower or driving to work.

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Thoughts on writing

Show up. Be yourself. Write. Put it out there for people to read. Patrick Rhone via Nicola Losito