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Sixpoint RAD

Sixpoint RAD. I love the colours on the cans. The green of the grass makes for an easy background.

I read a review of this RAD on a Bon Appetit. The review got me tweeting and calling around to find it. Most places said they were sold out. But I persisted. Checked out Cool Vines. Didn’t have it. Joe Canal’s. Didn’t have it.

Last try. public in Princeton. Yep! Picked up two.

The grapefruit isn’t as “fruity sweet” as I had hoped. The taste was reminiscent of a very tart grapefruit. Still, it would be easy to drink a well chilled six pack of RAD on a hot summer’s day. Like this coming weekend.

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Sixpoint Sweet Action

Sixpoint Sweet Action. Perfect for watching Liam Neeson kick some ass in Non-Stop. I used two light sources. One is a paper lantern style floor lamp. The other is a cheap desk lamp. Both have fluorescent bulbs.

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NIKON D5100_20140712_0699

NIKON D5100 (35mm, f/5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO280)

I picked up a bunch of these this morning at the Montgomery Friends Farmers’ Market for my wife and daughter. They are from 9 Acres Farm.